About Us


Emily Alguire, RMT Owner

Emily Hi! I’m Emily Alguire, Registered Massage Therapist and owner of Kars Massage Therapy. I opened the doors of my clinic in July of 2012 and haven’t looked back since.

I maintain a regular Massage Therapy practice at the clinic, where I bring together 16 years of clinical and personal experience to offer my clients effective solutions for their pain, injury and stress-related issues.

In 2003 I graduated with honours from the Algonquin College Massage Therapy Program in Ottawa. A year later, after welcoming my first child, I began my career at an Ottawa-based chiropractic clinic where I gained both skill and confidence treating a wide range of chronic conditions as well as traumatic injuries. I was particularly interested in deep tissue massage and successfully treated many athletes with chronic, repetitive injuries and provided training enhancement.

As my family grew I knew that I wanted to work locally, both to more easily meet the needs of my children but also to be an active member of the community where I was raised. First in Manotick at Vietality Massage, and now here at Kars Massage Therapy, I have created a healthy work/ life balance that supports my ability to be genuinely present for each client I meet, offering individualized treatments designed to meet their therapeutic and stress-relief goals.

Kars Massage Therapy serves a diverse rural community, giving me the opportunity to treat a wide range of needs. I feel confident that we can work together to create a treatment pIan to address your current situation. I continue to specialize in deep tissue massage for athletes and those with chronic injuries. 

 Annie Bray, RMT RYT

AnnieWelcome. My name is Annie Bray. I’m a Registered Massage Therapist,  and Certified Yoga Instructor. For more than 20 years I have been learning from and engaging with people on their journey to physical, mental and emotional well-being. I graduated from my yoga teacher training at the Rama Lotus yoga centre in Ottawa in 1999 and have pursued active studies with senior yoga teachers since that time. I have taught yoga in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and now here, in my hometown of Kars.

In 2002 I enrolled in a year-long intensive study of  Acupressure in Victoria BC, graduating with honours. Soon after I moved to Nova Scotia, where I practiced acupressure, taught yoga and began several years of work in the mental health field, supporting youth and adults with serious mental illness through yoga, meditation and experiential outdoor education.

In 2011 my family and I moved back to Kars and I returned to school to pursue my certification as a Registered Massage Therapist and graduated with honours from the International Academy of Massage in Ottawa in the spring of 2013. I could not be happier to have joined Kars Massage Therapy and am grateful to be working at what I love every day.

As a health practitioner I feel that my role is to collaborate with my clients, creating a safe and nurturing space where it is possible to return to a balanced state in both body and mind. I draw on my varied skills to provide an experience that is deeply restful and relaxing while providing effective relief from pain and injury.            Anniebray.com

Miche Pouliot, RMT


Miche Pouliot is a graduate of The International Academy Of Massage in Ottawa, Ontario. He received the Dean’s Award for Exemplary Participation, logging 830 hours of hands-on time over and above the required 400 hours to graduate. Miche brings his passion and drive for excellence, a life-time of experience, and a strong commitment to ensure that each and every client he treats will gain maximum benefit from a treatment custom designed to their personal needs. Miche has skills including but not limited to, CranioSacral Therapy, Myo-Fascial Release, Trigger Point Release, deep tissue techniques, Range Of Motion improvement, strengthening, and stretching.





Cheri Maclachlan, RMT


Cheri is a registered massage therapist and graduate of Sir Sanford Fleming College. With more than 20 years experience, she has treated a variety of conditions ranging from birth to old age!

She grew up in Manotick and has worked in various settings in Manotick throughout the last 20 years.   Namely, owning Vietality Massage Therapy. Cheri has recently moved with her family to Kars and liked the idea of making this village part of her work life as well.  She continues to work at Vietality and now will offer part time hours to Kars also.

She is committed to a health, family, and work life balance. Cheri and her husband have two small children and live nearby in the village.

Cheri also holds a certificate in nursing from Algonquin College. This training, along with her love for treating pregnant women and helping them through this amazing stage in their lives, has led to her more specialized service of helping women both pre and post partum.

Treatment philosophy…. massage is just simply good for you!

Sandra Haydon, RMT


I am Ontario trained and have held a registration with The Ontario College of Massage Therapists since 2010. Through continuing education I have expanded my training to include extra ethics and standards training, Chinese cupping, Gua Sha, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy.

As a resident of Osgoode it was of great interest to me to move my busy practice from a downtown clinic to a more peaceful location, much closer to home. I love that I can maintain a steady and busy practice, helping all kinds of people from all walks of life, and at the same time be so close to my family.

With the experience and knowledge I’ve gained personally and professionally, my hope is to help you relieve pain or discomfort.  Pain can be debilitating and presents in many forms. It can manifest as a result of stress, trauma, chronic illness or injury, and limits your ability to enjoy life’s activities.  In order to accomplish your therapeutic goals, I use a variety of modalities such as Swedish techniques, trigger point therapy, Chinese therapies and tools, myofascial release techniques, aromatherapy, deep heat pads, all individualized for you, to stimulate the body’s own natural healing process.  Whether you prefer a firm, deep pressured massage or a lighter, more soothing touch, I am skilled and able to provide both. I am lucky, in my health care profession, to have the luxury of spending 30 -120 minutes focusing on one client at a time. This fully allows for a treatment plan to be designed specifically for you. I strive to promote happiness and health in all aspects of life and work. Through massage I strive to help you do the same. I encourage you to be proactive with your health; you will be a participant in your healthcare rather than an observer. We can work together to bring you to a heightened state of well-being.

Chantelle Rieger, RMT

Chantelle is in her  7th year of being a registered massage therapist, she graduated from International Academy of Massage in the fall of 2012. Her focus in working with her clients is in helping them find relief from tension and stress .  Her studies and work are driven by her curiosity of the human body and its systems and how they function both energetically and physically.

She has certifications in various energy healing modalities to compliment her skills as a massage therapist. Her aim is to assist people in being in touch with their own innate sense of wellbeing by helping relieve tension holding patterns and increasing energy flow and circulation throughout the systems of the body.